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Vehicle Diagnostics

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Vehicle Diagnostics

engine diagnosticsComputers are everywhere today. Your vehicle is equipped with several brains and computer operated sensors. When you start your vehicle, the dash will light up with many different systems the main computer is scanning and checking. Even the restraint system is going through checkups. After running, any issues that get picked up will usually illuminate the check engine light.

What to do. First, the vehicle shouldnt be driven without verifying some major issues.
Is the oil level up, is there coolant in the radiator, are there any drive belts missing on the engine, are all other fluids registering? If in doubt, driving can be expensive. Call and have it towed.

What we do and have the capability to do is analyze the computer program and verify what issues that are being read by the onboard system. Our MODIS system is a high tech tool that does real-time tests, shuts on/off systems on your vehicle to determine the area at distress. The ability to talk with the on-board computer enables us to eliminate a lot of guess work, substitution of parts, etc., to get you back on the road quicker!

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