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Insurance Claims

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Insurance Claims

Things are stressful you’ve had an accident..Now What?
Your rights as an insured are outlined at the link below, entitled Motorists Consumer Bill of Rights
These are items we thought you should know.

Line 1 : an Insurance company shall not require that repairs be done at a specific shop

In other words, You DO NOT have to leave Benicia to have your vehicle inspected or repaired!! Spokespeople for some Ins companies make statements to attempt to sway you to use their preferred shops with accompanying comments that they don’t guarantee other shops work, possible delay of claims, coverage being delayed and more. These comments are completely misleading. First of all, repair shops guarantee their work and a claim is a claim..its filed and its their responsibly to follow through..plain and simple..just another attempt to induce you to use “their preferred shop”. As a policyholder…you’ve paid the premiums..it’s your call on what to do! All Ins companies hire adjustors to work in the field. If your vehicle was towed, wouldn’t they inspect it at your shop of choice? That answer is yes. Insisting your vehicle be moved elsewhere is inconsistent with a good consumer relationship.


Line 6 Clarifies the issue about estimates, A consumer is entitled to seek an independent repair estimate, even when pursuing an insurance claim.

Why would you need to go elsewhere when there is one shop in Benicia, More Than Qualified to Restore your vehicle to pre-accident condition, AND MORE?

Simpkins Auto Care would like to be Your shop of choice. Since 1983, we have been giving your neighbors honest and guaranteed repairs. After all, we at Simpkins are the repair industry, the people that actually perform the repairs, not Insurance companies!

The process is simple! We will deal with the Ins company adjustor, negotiate a fair parts and labor quote and deal with any supplemental costs (which is generally parts price increases). When the repair is started, we will communicate the scheduling to keep you up to date on progress and predict a completion date, and deliver you a cleaned and completed vehicle. And above all, YOU have our Limited Lifetime Warranty to back these repairs!
And as we’ve stated previously, we are truly a ONE STOP SHOP! No one around offers ALL these services!. We have been licensed for almost 30 yrs and thats no small accomplishment!

Simpkins Auto Care proudly serves: Benicia • Vallejo • Concord • Martinez

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