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Used Cars

carsalesTo complete our full list of services, Simpkins Auto Care is also a licensed used car dealer able and ready to have the answer to your used car dilemma. With our sources and training in repairing vehicles, we can do that search for you!

Over the years we’ve found that our customers just don’t have enough time to spend searching, calling, driving and test driving that used car they desire. Rather than track down a replacement car and deal with an unknown who is just looking to make a buck, Simpkins Auto Care can connect you with your ideal used car by taking the footwork out for you!

We offer a select grouping of fuel efficient vehicles for sale. Most of our used cars in Vallejo are low mileage 4 cylinder vehicles, inspected and gone through by our team of professionals so you feel confident in many more miles of driving pleasure.

Simpkins Auto Care offers a vehicle search service for that special car you might desire so you don’t have to take up more of your precious time in the search. Based upon the search results we will be able to find the used car you’ve wanted, or give you options for other used cars in Benicia based on these choices.

You pick the:

  • Year
  • Make
  • Model
  • Mileage
  • Color desired
  • Options desired

Your deposit of $250 that will be used towards the commission, also based on the value of your new car. From our contact page, please list your information and from there we will contact you for follow-up details. Of course, there are always a few low mileage vehicles on our lot.

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Insurance Claims

Things are stressful you’ve had an accident..Now What?
Your rights as an insured are outlined at the link below, entitled Motorists Consumer Bill of Rights
These are items we thought you should know.

Line 1 : an Insurance company shall not require that repairs be done at a specific shop

In other words, You DO NOT have to leave Benicia to have your vehicle inspected or repaired!! Spokespeople for some Ins companies make statements to attempt to sway you to use their preferred shops with accompanying comments that they don’t guarantee other shops work, possible delay of claims, coverage being delayed and more. These comments are completely misleading. First of all, repair shops guarantee their work and a claim is a claim..its filed and its their responsibly to follow through..plain and simple..just another attempt to induce you to use “their preferred shop”. As a policyholder…you’ve paid the premiums..it’s your call on what to do! All Ins companies hire adjustors to work in the field. If your vehicle was towed, wouldn’t they inspect it at your shop of choice? That answer is yes. Insisting your vehicle be moved elsewhere is inconsistent with a good consumer relationship.


Line 6 Clarifies the issue about estimates, A consumer is entitled to seek an independent repair estimate, even when pursuing an insurance claim.

Why would you need to go elsewhere when there is one shop in Benicia, More Than Qualified to Restore your vehicle to pre-accident condition, AND MORE?

Simpkins Auto Care would like to be Your shop of choice. Since 1983, we have been giving your neighbors honest and guaranteed repairs. After all, we at Simpkins are the repair industry, the people that actually perform the repairs, not Insurance companies!

The process is simple! We will deal with the Ins company adjustor, negotiate a fair parts and labor quote and deal with any supplemental costs (which is generally parts price increases). When the repair is started, we will communicate the scheduling to keep you up to date on progress and predict a completion date, and deliver you a cleaned and completed vehicle. And above all, YOU have our Limited Lifetime Warranty to back these repairs!
And as we’ve stated previously, we are truly a ONE STOP SHOP! No one around offers ALL these services!. We have been licensed for almost 30 yrs and thats no small accomplishment!

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Auto Glass Repair

Vehicle GlassAt Simpkins we can replace ALL the glass on your vehicle, not just windshields, but door mirrors, vent glass and rear windows, including convertibles.

All auto glass installations are guaranteed FOR AS LONG AS YOU OWN YOUR VEHICLE!

Call us (707-746-0535) for an auto glass repair quote or use our contact form on the front page. Options such as tinting, defrost, antenna info and the like may be needed for an exact quote.

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Collision Repair and Refinishing

Like any skill, specific tools are always needed to perform any desired degree of success. Simpkins has acquired all the body, painting and frame repair tools needed to repair todays modern vehicles. We have since 1983!

But our best tools are our technicians that ALL HAVE many years of experience in the auto collision repair industry. Welding, straightening metal and unibody frames, measuring the damage, assessing how and where to make pulls, and achieving those repairs, are the mainstays of what OUR techs have achieved. They have all performed countless hours passing training tests in their designated skill levels.

Our paint Department has the latest Water based colors and clear coat technology training, color tinting and application of topcoats. Todays wide color choices range from basic whites to pearlescent to three stage metallics, that we can mix, spray and achieve that perfect match to disguise any repair, whether a spot repair or full-on refinish.

We guarantee all Collision repair and Refinish repair workmanship for as long as you own the car..and WE WILL put that in writing. With 27+ yrs and counting behind us Benicia automobile owners know and trust us to repair and restore any vehicle back to factory standards or better!

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Vehicle Diagnostics

engine diagnosticsComputers are everywhere today. Your vehicle is equipped with several brains and computer operated sensors. When you start your vehicle, the dash will light up with many different systems the main computer is scanning and checking. Even the restraint system is going through checkups. After running, any issues that get picked up will usually illuminate the check engine light.

What to do. First, the vehicle shouldnt be driven without verifying some major issues.
Is the oil level up, is there coolant in the radiator, are there any drive belts missing on the engine, are all other fluids registering? If in doubt, driving can be expensive. Call and have it towed.

What we do and have the capability to do is analyze the computer program and verify what issues that are being read by the onboard system. Our MODIS system is a high tech tool that does real-time tests, shuts on/off systems on your vehicle to determine the area at distress. The ability to talk with the on-board computer enables us to eliminate a lot of guess work, substitution of parts, etc., to get you back on the road quicker!

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Car Detailing

detailingToday’s automobiles have the deepest shines thanks to 2 stage clearcoat technology. The downside is that most car washes are tough on the paint, which in most cases dull and actually scratch the topcoats. Weve discovered car detailing products that keep that factory shine and protection.

Interiors likewise use vinyls, cloths and leathers that need occasional deep cleaning and protection. When you’ve run out of time, call us for an appointment to restore your vehicle.

Just use our friendly contact page.

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Car Restoration

Restoration - PolishingCollision repairs require the use of many tools. Car restoration is an extension of that principle of repairing. Whether its a rusty panel, holes and all, an issue of poor fitting parts, welding and fabrication of required parts is a natural process for our team here at Simpkins. The tools we use the most is the desire and appreciation of most things old.

With todays almost throw away world, restorable cars give a real sense of satisfaction to us. The ability to get them back on the road is what comes naturally here. So that same principle and ethic to restore is at the heart of our auto restoration shop. So why dont more shops restore, good question! The answer is, we actually enjoy and appreciate our clients that share our passion. As a member of the Classic Car Club and Packard Club, we’ve enjoyed seeing our work at car meets and presentations everywhere.

There is always at least one car being brought back in our facility. So Bring your classic to us and lets talk cars.

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RV Repair

RV repairDriving on occasional narrow roadways, its not uncommon to scrape an abutment, bridge railing and the like. Our RV repair and RV service can handle most superficial and smaller damages, including:

Light Mechanical and Collision repairs, Glass and Painting sizes to 38′, some exceptions depending on service needed.

Fabricate fiberglass and aluminum repairs including damaged outside cabinet doors, hinges, steps, and complete refinish of stripes and replacement of decals.

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Car Suspension

suspensionWhat is the suspension? What does it do? The car suspension to many people usually refers to shock absorbers and struts. But it also refers to the steering system, which is connected along with many numerous smaller parts, to deliver an accurate road feel.

Bumps and thousands of miles can wear out bushings, steering links, the steering rack or box, idler arms, tie rods, upper and lower control arms, steering knuckles and bearings.

A vehicle that needs corrective steering constantly is in immediate need of attention.
Excessive bounding, hard steering and a sense of a loose feel are other issues that can arise. Having to add steering fluid occasionally can only mean a leak.

At Simpkins, its another of the many tasks that we are trained to detect and correct.
Let us check out that problem.

Contact us for an appointment today.

Simpkins Auto Care proudly serves: Benicia • Vallejo • Concord • Martinez

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